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Non GMO & Vegan-Friendly


The Anti-Aging Innovation

Your All-in-One Cocktail

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Smart Meal Replacement

Your BH BioScience jar contains 30 daily portions. Use one scoop of the Anti-Aging formula to prepare a delicious chocolate drink that will replace any meal: breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Workout Supplement

BH BioScience formula is a great workout supplement. It provides you with the full array of amino acids and essential nutrients your body needs to remain fit and healthy.

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Multi-Level Health Support

Every scoop of BH BioScience Anti-Aging powder is loaded with vital ingredients that assist your body in maintaining optimal vascular health and cognitive brain function.

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We Will Change the Way You Think About Health & Fitness

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Calorie Control

This innovative supplemental nutrition can be used as a daily meal replacement.

Lean Muscles

When combined with physical exercise, BH helps in maintaining optimal muscle tone.


BH BioScience cocktail contains essential amino acids and antioxidants.


BH BioScience formula includes powerful natural ingredients with proven anti-aging properties.


BH BioScience formula assists in protecting cognitive health and brain function.

Vascular Health

Our comprehensive supplement helps you body in fighting bad cholesterol.


Live Better and Longer with BH BioScience

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Premium Quality

BH BioScience Formula is certified by Health Canada and does not involve protein hydrolysis. The product is manufactured at a certified GMP Canadian facility.

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Unique Formula

BH BioScience supplement contains 24 carefully selected ingredients targeting a number of important health concerns from neuroprotection to vascular health.


Purity & Safety

BH BioScience Formula is vegan friendly. It does not contain GMO, gluten, egg, lactose, trans fat, soy, cholesterol, hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, or any banned substances.

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Samuel Tayar - president and co-founder of BH BioScience

Samuel Tayar

Samuel Tayar is president and co-founder of BH BioScience, bringing more than 35 years of R&D leadership, marketing, banking and executive management experience to his role with the company. Samuel Tayar manages corporate direction and strategy at BH BioScience, facilitating company activities, sales, marketing, alliances & channels and support. Samuel studied at Concordia & McGill Universities in Montreal, Canada and the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa. Previously Tayar served as president of Atlas Securities Ltd and the Montreal Stock Exchange Independent Traders Association. Today he is CEO of Tayar Investments and Silver Castle Partners, LLC.

Dr. Felix Polyak - co-founder and Vice President of Research and Development at BH BioScience

Felix Polyak

Dr. Felix Polyak is co-founder and Vice President of Research and Development at BH BioScience. He received his MSc from Riga Technical University and a Ph.D. from the Institute of Organic Synthesis in Latvia. Dr. Polyak’s pedigree is immense! He has a multi-year experience in scientific research project leadership in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. He holds a senior management position and is a partner in Canada’s Biosentica Laboratories Inc. where he continues to develop longevity products under the Etrexa brand. His R&D leadership helped propel such institutions as BoQuadrant Inc, Theratechnologies Inc, and Aluron Biopharma Inc to incessant successes. Dr. Polyak is the author of more than 50 scientific articles plus two monographs. He also owns several prestigious patents with biochemical applications.

Roman Rozencwaig

Dr. Roman Rozencwaig, M.D. is a world-renowned pioneer and researcher on melatonin and aging. He was the first to postulate the theory that aging is a syndrome of melatonin deficiency resulting from the gradual failure of the pineal gland. Besides his continued anti-aging research Dr. Rozencwaig has published numerous publications including the authoritative The Melatonin And Aging Sourcebook. His newest book on anti-aging will be published shortly. Dr. Rozencwaig’s research work is expanding and his ongoing anti-aging experiments with Concordia University and the Université de Montréal are producing very promising longevity results. Dr. Roman Rozencwaig is co-founder and Vice-president of Medicinal Affairs at BH BioScience.

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Augments and Reinforces Your Body's Needs

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We Believe...

BH BioScience co-founder & international researcher Dr. Felix Polyak says: "Aging is a collective of quite predictable conditions caused by the deterioration of the body. We at BH BioScience believe that our in-house research lab can target, address & alleviate many of them."

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